Monday, 17 October 2016

HTML an Introduction

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to make website around the globe. HTML is easy to learn and supported by the entire browser around the world.

Let’s start with some world of full form. Why “Markup language “has been used in full form?
The Name of markup language has been used because all the HTML code is written inside of <>.

Syntax and Example

<Body bgcolor=”red”>
HTML Tag Information


Tag Name

All the things available in HTML are known as TAG. Each Tag has some specific visible appearance.


Each tag has some properties. Which shows different type visual effect of particular TAG? Some properties which are common in most of the Tag.
bgcolor,align,background etc.


Every properties of a tag have some fix value set, which is known as domain also. If you will use any value other than fix domain range then no effect will be apply. For example font tag has size properties which domain range is 0 to 7. So following example will increase size till 7 and ignore 10.
<font size=”10”>Girfa </font>

HTML tag is available into two types

  1. Self closing
  2. Open close

Self closing

In Self closing tag no need closing tag example.

<br/>,<hr/> <img /> etc

Open Close

There is need to open tag with matching name followed by / symbol
<html></html><h1></h1> etc

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