Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to show swf(Flash) file in power point

Hi Folks Flash is an ultimate software nowadays for making animation. Mainly people used flash animation file in websites in swf format. If we could use these swf file in any other application like power point then it’ll make our world easier just take a look on following section and don’t tell me thanks……

For insert swf file in power point you need to show developer tab in ribbon control which doesn't visible by default.

  •        Click office button
    ·         Select power point option
    ·         Select Popular tab
    ·         Check  show Developer tab in the ribbon

Monday, 17 February 2014

Save Flash(SWF) file from a website

Swf file is an abbreviation for shockwafe Flash object which is animated file run by flash player in browser window. Many times we want to save any website swf on our local PC for offline uses or any other personal uses. Here I am showing a way front of you that how can you download swf file its very simple just take a look.

In chrome 

 You must open chrome in developer mode for save swf file you can open this mode using Cntl+Shift+I or as in figure..

When you’ll click on developer tools following windows will be open