Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Discrete Mathematics Tutorial

Deductive logic

Deductive logic reasoning, a conclusion makes on the behalf of some intact fact which show conclusion is true.


  • All man is mortal
  • Rakesh is a man
  • So rakesh is mortal

Deductive logic some time contra of inductive logic because it has strong fact which to mostly conclusion is true. Deductive logic tends to specific conclusion.

Inductive logic

In inductive logic reasoning a conclusion makes on the behalf of some fact like deductive but it is not always necessary that conclusion will be true.


  • Some parents are addicted to alcohol
  • Then it is necessary to their children will also be addicted to alcohol

Is it always happened ? answer is no, not at all. So fact is strong but not showing conclusion will always be true it may be false. Inductive logic make fact specific to general