Thursday, 6 October 2016

Features of C Language

C Language Feature


C language is also known as building block of function because everything you have do in C with the help of functions. That is why C language uses modular approach to solve huge problem through small modular approach. Modules make our work easy to solve any type of programming problem in a simple way. example of modules are function. A function is a collection of statements which design for some specific task.


When a function called by itself known as recursion. Recursion helps to solve a complicated task in a few line of code which decrease compile time and increases software performance.

Case Sensitive

C language is case sensitive means A variable name  test is not equal to name TEST.


C language is known as middle level language.So You handle some hardware event direct which prevent to write many lines of code for handle hardware.


A program written in C language can run  many types of machine which lead portability.

Mid Level Language

C language is known as high level language with middle level facility because you can access hardware direct. Pointer, Register variables are few example of hardware interaction.


Pointer support is a key feature of C language by this you can access memory physical address , which moves programming one step ahead.


Speed of C language is better than its ancestor.

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