Saturday, 24 June 2017

Number to word convert

Q : Write a program to convert a number into its equivalent word without using character array?

/* ##########################################
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     Program : Number to word converter
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void single(int);
int reverce(int);
void ten(int);
void hundred(int);
void printhundred(int);
void main()

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Looping With Cursor SQL Server

Cursor is an database object which is use when there is a need to process table record row by row . you can access each field of your table at record by record.In relational databases, operations are made on a set of rows. For example, a SELECT statement returns a set of rows which is called a result set. Sometimes the application logic needs to work with a row at a time rather than the entire result set at once. In T-SQL, one way of doing this is using a CURSOR. For example when we want to get record from one table and need to insert into another with performing some logic or some conditions .For example if we want to get value from one table row by row  and need to perform some logic over that and update /insert into another table then we can use cursors. Cursor basically works as for/While loop.

USE [Girfa_tportal]
alter procedure [dbo].[GetStudentContact]
Declare @phone as varchar(15)
Declare @email as varchar(50)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Multiple Return SQL Server Function

Table value function

For return more than value from SQL-Server? To do so you need to make table value function.
A table value function use to return more than one value in the form of table.

USE [Girfa_portal]
/****** Girfa Student Help ******/

create FUNCTION [dbo].[getBookIssueFineDay]
       @roll int

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

SQL Server Function

Function declaration

USE [Girfa_Portal]
/****** Girfa Student Help******/

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[getBookStock] (@bookcod varchar(50))


Saturday, 17 June 2017

PHP Hotel Management Project

PHP Hotel Management Project 

Hotel Management  Project Free Download

This project target Hotel Website or computer science student for their project work. Anyone who wants to make a website on Hotel Management or Any student want to submit their project on the topic of Hotel Management then this project is best solution. I have made it simple, Responsive for all device and professional look. Intention of this project is only for learning for earning money so any use of this project for earning money is prohibited. 

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Delete Data Grid View Row

Delete Data Grid View Row

There is lots of programming condition when we need to delete a row from data grid view. Deleting a record from Datagridview is pretty simple you just need know following point
  • Datagridview event for detect right click of mouse button
  • Context Menu setting

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Zombie Process

In UNIX or its similar OS environment if a process stops running abnormally but its entry has not removed from process table known as Zombie Process.


If a process gets stop with exit and meanwhile parent process is sleeping then parent will be able to known the status at sleeping moment and entry of the killed process still in process table which imply Zombie.

Friday, 9 June 2017

C Language NIELIT Exam Paper Solution

C Language  Paper Answer 
January - 2015

1: Objective 

1.1 B
1.2 : C
1.3 : D
Explanation :  Because pointer is not being part of any equation so option a and d is equal.
1.4 : D

Write a C program to modify the constant variable.

Q : Write a C program to modify the constant variable.

Solution : 

void main()
const int a=1;
int *p;

Thursday, 8 June 2017

What is automatic type promotion in c

Q :  In the following declaration statement:

char c=’A’;
Variable c stores one byte of memory space while character constants ‘A’ stores one byte memory space. How one byte variables can stores two byte character constant? What is automatic type promotion in c?

Solution : 

Character constant reserve two byte of memory space to represent octal or hexadecimal character constant but char variable stores only its one byte ASCII value.

In C language, char type is used to store a 1 byte integer. When you assign 'A' to char c, you are not assigning the letter A itself into memory. Rather, you are assigning the number (integer) representing the A character. Each letter has a digit that represent it. . Remember that unlike humans, computers cannot understand letters. That's why we need a way to translate them into digits. To do this we use differnet coding styles like: ASCII, UTF-8, etc If your machine use ASCII coding then the value assigned to char c would be 65 (0x41 hex). As you may notice, 0x41 is one byte and can be stored in your char variable.

Automatic type promotion

Some data types like char , short int take less number of bytes than int, these data types are automatically promoted to int or unsigned int when an operation is performed on them. This is called integer promotion. For example no arithmetic calculation happens on smaller types like char, short and enum. They are first converted to int or unsigned int, and then arithmetic is done on them. If an int can represent all values of the original type, the value is converted to an int . Otherwise, it is converted to an unsigned int.
int main()
    char a = 30, b = 40, c = 10;
    char d = (a * b) / c;
    printf ("%d ", d);
    return 0;

At first look, the expression (a*b)/c seems to cause arithmetic overflow because signed characters can have values only from -128 to 127 (in most of the C compilers), and the value of subexpression ‘(a*b)’ is 1200 which is greater than 128. But integer promotion happens here in arithmetic done on char types and we get the appropriate result without any overflow.
Consider the following program as another example.

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Text File Input Through C Language

Q : Write a C program to write a line of string in a text file.

Solution : 

void main()
     FILE *pt;
     char ch[100],c;
     int i;

Monday, 5 June 2017

Gridview FIll

Dynamic fill data gridview using

Public Sub fill_gridview(ByRef dt As DataGridView, ByVal sql As String)
        Dim con As New OleDbConnection(getconstr)
        Dim da As New OleDbDataAdapter(sql, con)
        Dim ds As New DataSet

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Division Flipper Using CSS

Division Flipper Using CSS


Student Help

Full Code : 

    <title>Girfa : Flip Effect </title>
        .flip-container {
     perspective: 500px;
     /* flip the pane when hovered */
     .flip-container:hover .flipper, .flip-container.hover .flipper {
           transform: rotateY(180deg);

Friday, 2 June 2017

Write a C program that displays the recommended actions depending on the color of a traffic light using the switch statement.

Q : Write a C program that displays the recommended actions depending on the color of a traffic light using the switch statement.

Solution : 

void main (void)
   char colour;

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Define void data type and write any three use of it.

Q : Define void data type and write any three use of it.

The data type void actually refers to an object that does not have a value of any type. Void is also used to indicate when a function does not return a value or no argument. Such a function is used for its side effect and not for its value. In the function declaration and definition, we have indicated that the function does not return a value by using the data type void to show an empty type, i.e. no value. Similarly, when a function has no formal parameters, the keyword void is used in the function prototype and header to signify that there is no information passed to the function.

What is dangling pointer in C? What is wild pointer in C? Give example.

Q : What is dangling pointer in C? What is wild pointer in C? Give example?

Dangling  Pointer

Dangling or wild is a pointer which does not point valid object. When a pointer has declared it must be assign a valid address memory address otherwise it will point some location which is not valid. These are special cases of memory safety violations. More generally, dangling references and wild references are references that do not resolve to a valid destination.

Void main()
          int *pt;
                   int c=10;