Monday, 12 September 2016

NIELIT A Level Data Structure through C++ Assignment

Assignment 3

A company stores all the purchase orders placed by it on its vendors in a purchase order file (POFILE). When it receives delivery of goods against a purchase order the details are  entered

in a file called RECDPOFILE (assume that partial deliveries do not exist, and that a purchase order corresponds to only one product). When an invoice is received from a vendor t is
stored in the INVCEFILE. At the end of each day, a program retrieves each invoice in the
INVCEFILE, checks it for the following:

(a) Whether the purchase order number mentioned in the invoice exists in the POFILE
(b) Whether the purchase order mentioned in the invoice has a

corresponding entry in the RECDPOFILE.

In case a mistake is indicated in either of the above checks, a corresponding message is
printed for the vendor, for later mailing; if the invoice is valid according to both the tests, then
payment of invoice is authorized, and the invoice is entered in PAYFILE and a cheque is

3.1 Draw a DFD for the above system
3.2 Explain the file design in detail for the above system

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