Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Import Microsoft Access Database table to PHP mysql database table

Microsoft Access TO PHP MYSQL

acess to mysql  Conversion

Follow the upcoming steps to import access data to mysql PHP based database

  • Export your access database to excel

  • Open excel file and save this file as csv by save as option go to others format

  • Select CSV (comma delimited) format from save as dialog box then provide name and click on save

  • You need phpMyAdmin Version information: for import csv file because lower version of mysql does not support CSV
  • Select your database then goto import
  • Select format CSV

  • Click on choose then select your csv where who saved it previously

After select your CSV file click go … your MYSQL database will be exported named by TABLE --- . --- will be replaced will some integer. You need to one more work in your table because first row of MYSQL table will be your access database field so rename or delete it as your requirement.

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