Monday, 12 September 2016

NIELIT A Level Data Structure through C++ Assignment

Assignment 4

The office of Department of Computer Science organizes and handles seminars / workshops.

When a person wants to register for a seminar, he / she sends a request.

The office clerk notes the person’s name, address, telephone number and organization name on a registration form. Copy of the form is placed in the master file, an acknowledgement letter prepared and sent to the registrant. Another copy is sent to the billing clerk who creates an invoice record for the registrant in another central file and sends a copy of the invoice to the registrant.One month before the seminar, the clerk prepares name tags and seminar material for each participant. The registrants are expected to pay in advance of the seminar.

When a cheque comes in, the clerk verifies the registration against the registration record and enters the information that the payment has been received. In case registrants do not sent the advance payments, their names are listed on a separate sheet. This defaulter sheet is given to the seminar coordinator who takes the appropriate action, which may be:

1. a person is allowed to attend the seminar, if he agrees to make the payment on the first
day before the seminar starts , or
2. brings in a sanction letter from the head of the organization.
All registration records are maintained in a master file and used as a mailing list on
an ongoing basis.


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