Friday, 16 September 2016

NIELIT A Level Introduction to Database Management System Assignment

Introduction to Database Management System
Assignment 7

The NBA (NDHU Basketball Association) is in dire need of a database in order to keep track of the 
activities in their league.
The entities in the database are

  • People (with attributes id, name and age),
  • Teams (with attributes team name and manager), and
  • Courts (with attributes court id, address and capacity).

Furthermore, people are specialised into Referees and Players.

  • Referees have the extra attribute level and
  • Players have the extra attribute height.
  • Players play in teams, and teams and referees participate in a game that takes place in a court on a certain date.

This league is quite violent and very often players are fouled out by referees. This causes
bad relationships between teams and referees and some teams disqualify some referees
from refereeing their games.

Some way of recording each game is also required. This will need to store the home and
away teams scores.

No player plays for more than one team. Only one game is played on one court on any
one day.
a) Produce a set of normalised entities to 1NF. Add attributes as you think they are
b) Create an ER diagram that models the relationships in the system.

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