Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Insert Record in Access Autonumber field using SQL with VB.Net

Access support auto number in table field data type as double. While using access database 
direct there is no need to provide autonumber data, Access automatically generate it.

It is good for direct working with Access but what about if you’re making a project and want to add record through some programming language like then it creates many types of  problems. Details are following

  • If attempt to insert empty value like direct working, does not support
  • If a constant is provide every time then there is not any importance of autonumber because we are not using its actual uses because auto generate number  minimize the programmer manual work by automate unique number entry to every time


You can use SQL solution which enable us to skip some input Value by providing field details take a look

Insert into student (ROLL,Name,city) values(101,’sona’,’varanasi’);

this query enable you to add only specified value through field if table has more fields then it would fill with NULL. I am using same approach for accomplish it through following program

Table :

Code :

 Dim con As New OleDbConnection(kacls.getConString)
        Dim com As New OleDbCommand
        com.Connection = con
        com.CommandText = "insert into tmp (sname) values('" & TextBox3.Text & "')"

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