Saturday 11 March 2017

Library Management Project

Library Management Project Baner

Girfa Library Management is window based software written in VB.Net. This software covers all working aspect of a library. You can use this software at any school, college or any book shop that run their own paid library. Due to flexible of this software, which achieve all the activity of library Management task in an efficient way. The simplicity of the software need little bit training for execution. Power of software is wide range of report generation which makes audit work easy. Various types of setting option in option menu like book issue day, fine amount and many more makes this software dynamic.

 Functions of software is following
  • Book Entry
  • Member Entry
  • Course Entry
  • Password Change
  • Submit Fine
  • Member detail report
  • Book issue report
  • Member book issue report
  • Total book issue report date wise

Demo Video

Screen Shot

Library Management Banner

Member Entry
Member Entry

Member Edit
Member Edit
Book Entry
Book Entry

Book Issue
Book Issue


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