Thursday, 14 April 2016

Office and Computer Fundamental MCQ Question Answer


1 By default how many tabs are shown in word
(c )9
2 shortcut of subscript in word
(c )Cntl++
(D)Both a & b
3 Type writer font
(c )times new roman

4 To Define nested bullet
(A)Increase Indent
(B)Decrease Indent
(c )Sub Bullet
(D)Equal Indent
5 1.5 Line spaci
(A)Cntl +1.5
(c )Alt + 5
6 To select all similar formatting font which tab you will use
(c )Page Layout
7 Default Setting of Normal Margin
(A)Top 1',Bottom 1,Left 1',Right 1'
(B)Top 1.5,Bottom 1.5,Left 1.5,Right 1.5
(c )Top 1.5' , Bottom 1.5',Left 2.5',Right 2.5'
(D)Top 2',Bottom 2',Left 3',Right'
8 To write book desciption at end of a project or research  document , which option write can opt
(A)Insert Citatation
(c )Turabian
9 How many views available in word
(c )5
10 Maximum capacity of page per sheet print available in print dialog box
(c )8
11 Wrap Text Shortcut in excel
(c )Cntl+Enter
12 What is the number of alignment scheme available in excel?
(c )5
13 What is the text orientation available in excel?
(c )6
14 When you select a number range then what is the calculation shown in status bar?
(c )Sum,Count,Average
15 What is the default name of excel sheet
(c )Workbook1
16 When a column is inserted in excel then its takes place on ------- side of selected column?
(c )Upper Side
(D)Bottom Size
17 Normally which char is suitable for Election commission reporting
(c )Bar
18 Normally Header is diveded in ___ parts in excel
(c )4
19 Maximum Zoom Percentage in excel
(c )600
20 How to record a user work for further reuse
(A)Screen Shot
(B)Snipping Tool
(c )Macro
(D)None of these
21 Spilit button is vailble in excel at
(A)Vertical Scroll Bar
(B)Horizontal Scroll Bar
(c )Left Scroll Bar
(D)Bottom Scroll Bar
22 Function named which change a number into its Roman Equivalent
(c )nroman
23 shortcut for insert new comment (A)Shift+f2
(c )Shift+f4
24 For trace or allow and disallow a operator or another user work on your document which option you should be used? (A)Undo
(c )Track Change
(D)Work History
25 Paper size of letter
(A)8.5 X 11
(B)8.27 X 11.69
(c )11.69 X 16.54
(D)8.5 X 14
26 To show only a specific section of a work book which option we should opt?
(A)Page Break Preview
(B)Custom Views
(c )Set Print Area
27 Switch between multiple open workbook
(A)Alt + TAB
(c )Switch Windows
(D)All the above
28 To scroll two worksheet rows simultaneously which excel option enable you to do this?
(A)View Side by Side and Synchronous Scrolling
(B)View Side by Side
(c )Synchronous Scrolling
(D)ALT + Wheel
29 Available freeze pan options
(A)Freeze Panes
(B)Freeze Top Row
(c )Freeze First Column
(D)All the above
30 Clip art is a combination of _______?
(A)Vector Image
(B)JPG Image
(c )GIF Image
31 What type of media one can insert on power point slide
(c )Video and Music Both
(D)All the above
32 What is the resolution option is available in power point slide show menu
(c )4
33 Which color scheme we should choose when there is a need of print color picture over black and white printer
(A)Black and White
(c )Fusia
(D)Mono Color
34 Descriptive information on a slide that shows what about the slide
(A)Notes Master
(c )Slide Master
(D)None of these
35 What is the name of effect which run when we move one slide to another
(c )Custom Aninmation
(D)Set Up Slide Show
36 To show Categorization of any application or work or thing which smart art is suitable for
(c )Matrix
37 Internet was launched in India on:
(c ) 15 Aug  1992
38 The speed of daisy wheel printer is in the range of
(A) 20-30 CPS
(B)10-50 CPS
(c ) 20-90 CPS
(D) None of the above
39 Which of the following is not an Octal number
(c )524
40 Which of the following is not an example of hardware
(B)Magnetic Tape
(c )VDA Terminal
41 A Nibble Consist

(c )16bit
42 An Output device which does not require a physical screen
(B)Touch Screen
(c )Holographic
43 Smallest Data save unit of a disk is
(c )bit
44 A mainframe computer used as
(c )Printing Bills
(D)None of these
45 Which level language is Assembly Language ?
(A)high-level programming language
(B)medium-level programming language
(c )low-level programming language
(D)machine language
46 Which of following is used in RAM ?
(B)Semi Conductor
(c )Vaccum Tubes
47 Which is most common language used in web designing ?
(c )Java
48 Where are saved files stored in computer ?
(c )Cache
49 Which among following is odd ?
(B)Floopy Disks
(c )SD Disk
50 What is full form CMOS ?
(A)Content Metal Oxide Semiconductor
(B)Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
(c )Complementary Metal Oxygen Semiconductor
(D)Complementary Metal Oscilator Semiconductor


1 a
2 b
3 d
4 a
5 d
6 a
7 a
8 b
9 c
10 d
11 a
12 d
13 c
14 c
15 a
16 a
17 d
18 b
19 a
20 c
21 a
22 a
23 a
24 c
25 a
26 b
27 d
28 a
29 d
30 a
31 d
32 d
33 b
34 a
35 a
36 a
37 b
38 a
39 a
40 a
41 a
42 c
43 b
44 a
45 c
46 b
47 d
48 b
49 d
50 b

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