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CCC (Computer Basic) MCQ Question Answer

1 a sesitive device that convert printed material into its equivalent digital form
 (A)scanner (B)ocr ( C)a and b (D)None of these

2 Which protocol provide email facility

3 The basic architecture for digital computer was developed by
 (A)Bill Gates (B)Charles Babbage ( C)John Von Neumann (D)Garden Moore

4 Decimal (128) Hex Equal is (?) 
 (A)20 (B)30 ( C)40 (D)80

5 when was the first email sent
 (A)1963 (B)1969 ( C)1971 (D)1974

6 Ram Chips
 (A)Allow the computer to store Data Electronically (B)Store data indifinitely unless you delete it ( C)Are Secondary Memory (D)All of the above

7 which memory is non volatile and may be written only once (A)RAM (B)EEPROM ( C)EPROM (D)PROM

8 which is the device that converts computer output into a form that can be transmitted over a telephone line
 (A)Teleport (B)Multiplexer ( C)Concentrater (D)Modem

9 Which of the following is not used in LAN
 (A)Computer (B)Modem ( C)Cable (D)Printer

10 The Most advance form of ROM is 

11 A computer port used to ?
 (A)Communicate with harddisk (B)Communicate with computer's other peripherals
 ( C)Download Files (D)Sound

12 Safari is an example of
 (A)Browser (B)Media Player ( C)Transportation (D)None of these

13 ______ is high speed memory used in computer 
 (A)HDD (B)PD ( C)RAM (D)Cache

14 Which of the following is not an example of secondary memory
 (A)CD (B)DVD ( C)Semiconducter memory (D)Tapes

15 Super computer developed in india 
 (A)PARAM (B)ANURAG ( C)IBM-101 (D)Both A and B

16 Analytical engine is designed by ….? 
(A)Charles Babbage (B)Bill Gates ( C)Dijkastra (D)Ataana soft Berry

17 Which Indian organization designed super computers

18 Alternatively referred to as an Electron tube or valve is known as …
 (A)IC (B)Vacuum Tube ( C)Transister (D)Micro-Processor

19 Full Form of ENIAC
 (A)Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (B)Electronic Number Integrator And Computer ( C)Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculater (D)Electronic Numerical Integer And Computer

20 Which form was used in first generation computer as output medium? 
 (A)CRT (B)Punch Card ( C)Paper (D)None of these

21 Example of second generation computer is …?
 (A)ENIAC (B)Mark III ( C)Univac (D)Analytical Engine

22 Number of electronic components per chip in SSI is …
 (A)100 electronic components per chip (B)Less than 100
 ( C)Greater Than 1000 (D)Upto 9000

23 …… is main Hardware example of fourth generation computer? (A)IC (B)Transister ( C)Microprocessors (D)SSI

24 Which logical operator returns true when all the conditions are true otherwise false .
 (A)AND (B)OR ( C)NOT (D)Equals

25 Internal command example of DOS
 (A)DIR (B)Date ( C)Cls (D)All the above

26 External command example of DOS
 (A)CHLDSK (B)TREE ( C)XCOPY (D)All the above

27 ICT stand for
 (A)Information and communications technology (B)Information Connect Technology 
 ( C)International and Communication Technology (D)None of these

28 A term that refers to the relationships between organizations (subjects) of public administration and a citizen (A)G2G (B)G2C ( C)G2B (D)G2T

29 What is the area cover by Governance? 
 (A)Between Government agencies, (B)Between Government and Citizens
 ( C)Between Government and businesses (D)All the above

30 LED TV screens are made up of 
 (A) Light Emitting Diodes (B)Diodes 
 ( C) Light Emitting (D)None of these

31 Which topology uses less cabling?
 (A)Star (B)BUS ( C)Ring (D)B and C

32 Commonly used twisted pair cable to implement LAN
 (A)CAT1 (B)CAT2 ( C)CAT5 (D)CAT4

33 Which cabling is commonly used in Home Dish (Cable) Services? 
 (A)Twisted Pair (B)Coxial ( C)Fiber (D)CAT 6

34 Which cabling reduce outer interference 
 (A)Fiber Optics (B)Twisted Pair ( C)Coxial (D)Shield Twisted Pair

35 Technology used in wireless communication
 (A)Wi-fi (B)Bluetooth ( C)Radio Wave (D)All

36 ISDN Stand for..?
 (A)Integrated services digital network (B)Integrated services dynamic network ( C)International services digital network (D)Integrated series digital network

37 In Telephonic communication which method is commonly used to transfer data between sender to receiver
 (A)Packet Switch (B)Circuit Switch ( C)VLC (D)PVC

38 When transmission medium capacity is high to send user data capacity then what method enable us to use proper capacity of medium
 (A)Multiplexing (B)HDLC ( C)Routing (D)Bridging

39 Set of rules which are used to govern anything formally is known as
 (A)Standard (B)ISO ( C)Protocol (D)ISI

40 Uniquely find a resource on internet
 (A)URL (B)IP ( C)MAC (D)Osi

41 Example of stateless protocol

42 A server may be... ? 
 (A)Hardware Only (B)Software Only 
 ( C)Combination of Software and Hardware (D)None of these

43 In the field of computer graphics which special hardware people used to make drawing more effective?
 (A)Light Pen (B)Track Ball ( C)Drawing Tablet (D)Sensor

44 Which device helps to physically challenge people to operate computer 
 (A)Speech synthesizer (B)Joy Stick ( C)Mouse (D)LCD

45 Example of Read writes memory
 (A)CD (B)DVD ( C)Blue Ray Disc (D)CD-RW

46 Static RAM is used to implement ……?
 (A)Cache Memory (B)Read Only Memory ( C)HDD (D)CD-RW

47 Additional memory of computer
 (A)Auxiliary memory (B)ROM ( C)HDD (D)RAM

48 Multi User Operating System
 (A)LINUX (B)UNIX ( C)WINDOW-NT (D)All of the above

49 File system used in microsoft Original DOS 
 (A)FAT 32 (B)NTFS ( C)FAT 16 (D)CDS

50 Single Task Operating System (A)DOS (B)XP ( C)Win7 (D)Win 8


1 c

2 b

3 c

4 d


6 a

7 d

8 d

9 b

10 c

11 b

12 a

13 d

14 c

15 d

16 a

17 c

18 b

19 a

20 b

21 b

22 a


24 a

25 d

26 d

27 a

28 b

29 d


31 d

32 c

33 b

34 a

35 d

36 a

37 b

38 a


40 a

41 b

42 c

43 c

44 a

45 d

46 a

47 a

48 d

49 c

50 a

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