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Nielit O Level C Language Practice Paper Set 3

NIELIT O Level Sample Paper
C Language
Note : Each Question carry one marks :                                                                                Time : 45 Min   
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Q 1: which of the following Operator is used to transfer value to another variable.
A) =   
B) ==   
C) &   
D) int

Q 2: Which special character is used to input for decimal value.
A) %c     
B) %d     
C) %f     
D) %p

Q 3: Logical operator which invert result.
A) >   
B) <   
C) &   
D) None
Q 4 : Symbol is used specify case in a switch case statement.
A) Semi colon   
B) Colon  
C) and   
D) Break

Q 5 :  Which of the following method can be used to handle multiple possibility over a single variable.
A) Nested if-else   
B) Switch Case   
D) None


  1. Switch case is a better Alter-net of nested if-else.
  2. Float variable takes 8 byte
  3. Value that newer get change known as variable.
  4. A keyword can be used as user defined data type name.
  5. Ternary operator functionality can be achieved through if-else.


Match the column

1.  Ternary operator
(A) Switch case
2. Break
(B) ?
3. Logical Operator
(C) &&
4. Print a string
(D) ||
5. Character Constant
(E) |

(F) puts()

(G) putc()

(H) ‘1’

(I) “a”

A. Break
B. Case
C. Number but as first character
D. Number but not as first character
F. :
H. One
I. More Than One
J. float
K. Int

Fill in the black

1. ………………… Keyword is optional in switch case.
2. A variable name in C language may have ………..
3. All statement in C language is terminated by ………
4. Curly bracket is option when if ……………. Statement.
5. You cannot use …………… in switch case condition.

Part Two

Note : Answer the three question. Each question carry 10 marks.

Q 1. Write a program to input Marks obtain by a student and print first, second or third Message based on following criteria.


 Note : Each subject maximum marks is 100.
Q 2. Explain switch case with example.
Q 3: Explain Nested if-else with suitable example.
Q 4: Write down brief notes on C language Data tyle.

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