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C Language Model Question Set2

C Language

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Part 1

Q 1. Which one of the following translate or convert high level language program line by line.
A) Translator  
D) None

Q 2. Character variable takes …… byte.
B) 2  
D) 4

Q 3. How many bits in 2 byte.
A) 16  
 B) 32   
C) 8    
D) None
Q 4. C  language is create by
A) Dennis Ritchie 
 B) Bill Gates 
 C)Steve Job 
D )None
Q 5. Which of the following OS is create  using C Language.
A) Unix  
B) Linux  
C) Both   
D) Window 7


6. C Language uses compiler.
7. There are more than 30 keywords in c language.
8. Low level language is platform dependent.
9. A character constant may have more than 1 characters.
10. Include header file in your code start with $.

Match the Column

1. scanf
A. printf
2. Assignment Operator
B. 4
3. Statement Terminator
C. 2
4. int memory
D. ,
5. output function
E. ;

F. =

G. &.

F. Input

Fill in the blank
A. Data
B. Assembly
C. %f
F. &

16…….. Is an Example of low level language?
17. …….. is an  Example of high level language.
18. ……… Symbol is use for integer input and output.
19. ………. Operator is used inside of scanf function.
20. ……….. Is raw,fact,figure which has not meaning.

Part 2

Q1  : What do you understand by compiler?
Q2. Write brief note on Machine language advantage and disadvantage.
Q3. Write a program for tax calculation. Purchase amount and tax percentage given by user.

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