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1. There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE contains FOUR questions and
PART TWO contains FIVE questions.
2. PART ONE is to be answered in the TEAR-OFF ANSWER SHEET only, attached to the
question paper, as per the instructions contained therein. PART ONE is NOT to be answered in the
answer book.
3. Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR. Answer book for PART TWO will be
supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned. However, candidates, who
complete PART ONE earlier than one hour, can collect the answer book for PART TWO
immediately after handing over the answer sheet for PART ONE.

TOTAL TIME: 3 HOURS                                                                    TOTAL MARKS: 100

(PART ONE – 40; PART TWO – 60)

(Answer all the questions)

1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most appropriate one and enter in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper,following instructions therein. (1x10)

1.1 Which of the following statements is incorrect about delegate?
A) Delegates are reference types
B) Delegates are object oriented
C) Delegates serve the same purpose as function pointers in C and pointers to member
function operators in C++
D) Only one method can be called using a delegate.

1.2 How does ASP.NET store SessionIDs by default?
A) In cache
B) In cookies
C) In a global variable
D) In URL strings or in a database

1.3 In your ASP.NET web application you want to display a list of clients on a Web page. The
client list displays 10 clients at a time, and you require the ability to edit the clients. Which
Web control is the best choice for this scenario?
A) The DetailsView control
B) The Table control
C) The GridView control
D) The FormView control

1.4 Web.config file is used to
A) Configure the time that the server-side code behind module is called
B) Store the global information and variable definitions for the application
C) Configure the web server
D) None of the above

1.5 When does Garbage collector run ?
A) When application is running low of memory
B) It runs random
C) When application is running for more than 15 minutes
D) None of the above

1.6 Which of the following illustrates the benefit of ADO.NET?
A) Component Object Model (COM)
B) Interoperability
C) Disconnected data access
D) All of the above

1.7 Which of the following is not a C# keyword?
A) if
B) delegate
C) private
D) implements

1.8 You have been asked to debug a Web-based ASP.NET application. For some reason, the
debugging information is not presented. What could be missing?
A) <%@ Page Debug="true" %>
B) <%@ Application Page="true" %>
C) <%@ Page Trace="true" %>
D) <%@ Application Trace="true" %>

1.9 How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the ‘POST’ method?
A) Request.QueryString
B) Request.Form
C) Response.Write
D) Response.Writeln

1.10 How do you Create Constructors in VB.NET?
A) Create a method and name it with the same name as class name
B) Create a method and which is named as New
C) Create a method and which is named as Initialize
D) None of the above

2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and ENTER in the “tear-off” sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

2.1 CLR is an execution engine of .NET.
2.2 Dialog Boxes are one means of requesting users for specific kind of inputs in VB.Net.
2.3 Any thing in VB.Net that has a property or method is a Class.
2.4 An Identifier must not be a C# keyword.
2.5 JIT compiler is a part of the runtime execution environment.
2.6 Structures are reference types in .Net.
2.7 One Constructor can call another Constructor in C# .net.
2.8 Multiple inheritance is different from Multiple Level of Inheritance.
2.9 Page_Unload is the last stage of the web forms life cycle.
2.10 JAVA is a .NET compatible language.

3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

                                       X                                                    Y

3.1 Procedures that control initialization                 A. GLOBALIZATION
 of new instances of a class.
3.2 Process of creating an application                     B. ABSTRACT CLASS
 that meets the needs of users from multiple
3.3 The DLL which translates XML to                   C. SqlConnection Object
3.4 A Class that cannot be instantiated                    D. BOXING
3.5 It is a collection of names wherein                    E. POLYMORPHISM
each name is
3.6 One of the primary Objects                F. MID
3.7 Provides for multiple implementations             G. LOCK
 of the same method
3.8 Converting a value type to reference                H. NAMESPACE ASSEMBLY
3.9 FUNCTION that returns a string                      I. SQLISAPI.dll
containing specified number of characters
 from a String
3.10 This Statement in C# ensures                         J. CONSTURCTORS
 that one thread does not enter a critical
 section of code while another thread
is in the critical section
                                                                                K. ENCAPSULATION
                                                                                L. ASSEMBLY MANIFEST
                                                                               M. UNBOXING

4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. Enter your choice in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

A. FINALISE                        B. ADO.NET                         C. ILDASM.EXE
D. DATASET                        E. OK and CANCEL              F. DESTRUCTORS
G. ENUM                             H. InStr                                    I. DISPOSE
J. System.Data.OleDb          K. VERSIONING                    L. ngen.exe
M. InStrRev

4.1 ________ maintains compatibility between base and derived classes as they evolve.
4.2 In VB.Net, the input box has a default button of ________.
4.3 The method that free system resources when a class leaves scope or is set to nothing is
called ________.
4.4 ________ is a local buffer of tables or a collection of disconnected record sets.
4.5 ________ is an object oriented framework that allows you to interact with database systems.
4.6 The contents of an assembly may be viewed using the ________ tool.
4.7 ________ namespace is one of the namespace required to enable the use of databases
such as MS Access, Oracle or SQL in ASP.NET pages.
4.8 ________ is the normal method by which unmanaged resources are freed up.
4.9 ________ function in is used to find the starting position of a substring inside a string.
4.10 ________ are special sets of named values which all maps to a set of numbers, usually

(Answer any FOUR questions)

a) Describe the complete life cycle of a web page.
b) What is the difference between Authentication and Authorization? Explain in detail the three
types of authentication.
c) What is the difference between XML and HTML?

a) Describe the role of CLR in .Net Framework.
b) What is the difference between ADO.Net Dataset and ADO.Net Recordset?
c) Explain the concepts and capabilities of Assembly in .Net.

a) What is the difference between delegate and an event in c#?
b) What is the role of JIT compiler in .Net Framework?
c) Write a program to get the Maxvalue of an Array without sorting in .Net.

a) What are the types of validation controls are provided by ASP.Net?
b) What is Multi-threading ? Can we have multiple threads in one AppDomain?
c) Differentiate between Textbox Control and RichTextBox Control

a) Differentiate between DISPOSE and FINALIZE methods.
b) What is the difference between an Interface and an Abstract Class?
c) Write a program to check an email address for validity in .Net.

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