Wednesday, 6 June 2018

CSS Selector

This page will help you to learn how you can user CSS on various types of HTML tag. If you have knowledge of CSS selector then you can make big changes of fo
rmatting in easy and manageable way. Following are the list of all types of CSS selector.

Global Selector

* {

   color: green;
   font-size: 20px;
   line-height: 25px;

color,font-size and line height will be change for all tag of page.

Select a division HTML tag and also select inner tag child

    .Gmenu ul>li
    .Gmenu ul
.Gmenu a:hover, active, visited
   color: #FFFFFF !important;


.Gmenu  a:link,a:visited



<div class="Gmenu">
          <li><a href="#">One</a></li>

Table Selector

  table, th, td 

        border: 1px solid black;

        table td, th {
            padding: 20px;
            color: red;


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