Wednesday, 25 April 2018

HTML Sample Paper

Internet & Web Design (HTML)

Note : each Question carry one marks of part and only three question need to attempt in part two, each carry 10 marks . No negative marks penalty for wrong answer.
Name : __________________                                                                                                                   Time : 45  Minute

Part 1
Multiple Choice
1. ………. Is Self-close tag .
A) strong   B) pre   C)img   D) None
2. Each property of HTML tag is separated by
A) Double quote   B) Single quote   C) /   D)None
3.  Special character code in HTML start with ….
A) &    B)@     C)#    D)None
4.  tag doesn't usually appear in your document. But identify the page's author, keywords used for searching.
A) <head>    B) <title>   C) <meta>    D)<script>
5. Which of the following is odd one for a form.

   A) Textbox  B) img  C)Radio Button  D)None

1. Font tag is deprecated in HTML 5
2. Only <style> tag is required to code CSS rule in HTML5 specification.
3. Padding and margin is an alternative of each other in CSS3.
4. Inline style is not supported in CSS 3.
5. External CSS file reference is used only when large amount of code need.

Match the column

1.Event Programming
A.Java Script
2. Server side processing
3. Make a variable
C. int
4.Access a page tag
5. User an external js file reference





Fill in the Blanks

A. Programming
B. Design
F. Menu
G. #
I. &

1. HTML is not a …………… language.
2. …….. is used to  Display white space of a web page.
3. LI is a child of ………….
4. Header tag  in HTML5 is used to store………….
5….. Symbol is used write HEX code.
Part two

1. Create a form layout with code for a FMCG Company.
2. Write short notes with example for HTML form.
3. What is difference between HTML4 and HTML 5.
4. Write brief notes on two
  •          CSS Animation
  •          Responsive web page design
  •          Scripting language
  •          Bootstarp

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