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Practice Paper Set 1


M2-R4 Internet Technology and Web Design

Note : each question carry one marks from part -1 . part two consist 4 question each carry 10 marks only 3 question need to attempt from part two.
Name : _________________                                                                                                                            Time : 1 hour
Part -1

Multiple Choice :
1. The internet is governed by:
    A) I & B    B)IETF    C) InterNIC   D)None of these
2. The first network that planted the seeds of the internet was :

3. The first page that you normally view when open
   A) Home page   B) Contact   C) About  C)website

4.  A website is a collection of ……….
  A) Protocol    B)HTTP   C) Multimedia   D)web pages

5. for a small website, one needs to buy space from the
A) Network admin     B) ISP
C) Telephone exchange    D) Government

1. IP address is unique.
2. Physical address is unique.
3. ISDN enables analog transmission of data over digital medium.
4. Wireless transmission of data is an example of guided media.
5. Simplex is two way line configuration methods.

Match the column

(1) Browser
A .Image viewer 
(2) ISDN
B. Text file
(3) Non linear information
C. File terminal protocol
(4) FTP
D. Access Internet
(5) Multipoint
E. Transfer file over network

F. Digital Transmission

G. Hyper text

E. Medium Sharing

F. Separate link to each device

Fill the blanks

C. Flood bombing
D. Email Bombing
E. Dump
F.  sysmatic
G. organized
I. Smart

1. with a valid __________ , a browser can go directly to the page without passing through other documents.

2. ______ is a  kind  of activity refers to sending large numbers of mail to the victim.
3.  Internet is not an ___________ structure .
4. A ____________ terminal fully depended to server for all processing.
5. _________ replace by PPP.

Part Two
Answer any 3 question:

1 : Explain briefly why the internet is called a “ network of networks.

2. There are many application areas of the internet.  Identify four of them.

3. What is difference between a webpage, A homepage  and a webpage

4. Write short notes of any two of the following
  •       Virus
  •       ISDN
  •        Cyber crime

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