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CCC Fundamental and Word MCQ/True-False Solve

CCC MCQ Fundamental and word question answer

Fundamental and Word             
Time: 1HRS                                              M M: 50 MARK

Objective Question:

 1. sesitive device that convert printed material into its equivalent digital form
 ( C)a and b
(D)None of these

2.The basic architecture for digital computer was developed by
 (A)Bill Gates
 (B)Charles Babbage
( C)John Von Neumann
(D)Garden Moore

3.Decimal (128) Hex Equal is (?) 
 ( C)40

4.The Most advance form of ROM is 
5. A computer port used to ?
 (A)Communicate with harddisk
(B)Communicate with computer's other peripherals
 ( C)Download Files

6. ______ is high speed memory used in computer 

7.Which of the following is not an example of secondary memory
 (C)Semiconducter memory

8.Which form was used in first generation computer as output medium? 
(B)Punch Card
(D)None of these

 9. LED TV screens are made up of 
 (A) Light Emitting Diodes
 (C) Light Emitting
(D)None of these

10.  Uniquely find a resource on internet

11. Which of the following are word processing software?       
(B)Easy Word
(C)MS Word  
(D)All of above

12. The __________ key removes one characeter to the left of the cursor.

13 In which menu Spelling command appears    
(D)None of the above

14. Alignment buttons are available on the _____ toolbar.      
(A)Status bar 
(B)Formatting toolbar 
(C)Standard toolbar
(D)None of these

15.Using Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature you can  
(A)replace both text and formatting                     
(B)replace text of a document only           
(C)replace formatting only              
(D)replace document’s name with a new name

16.In Word Drop caps applied to   
(D)None of the above

17. "In Word, print preview command is found under which menu?" 

18. you can give number or alphabet in the beginning of a new line using….option
(A) Bullets     
(b) numbering          
(c) Multi level list
(d)all of the above

19. ….. is used to display non- printable characters like tab, blank space or a blank line.
(A) View         
(B)Show/hide button           
(C)Both of the above           
(D) none of the above

20. the file Extension of word 2007 document is
(A) .Doc          
(D) .Docx

21. A Word file can be saved as………… and can be opened in a Web Browser.
(A)EPF Document     
(B)PDF Document     
(C)Web Page             
(D)None of the above

22. By Pressing the botton you can undo the immediate previous action that you have performed.
(A) Redo        
(B) Format painter   

23. The Maximum Zoom size of the document in Word-2007 can be………….
(A) 200%       
(D) 500%

24. You can change margin page orientation page background, page indents, etc. in .. tab in word-07 and above
(A) Developer                        
(B) View         
(C) page layout         
(D) Mailing

25. option for proofing, comment, tracking, changes compare and protecting document are available in … tab of word 2007
(A) Mailing    
(B) Home       
(C) Review     
(D) References

True and False

26. The edit menu shows New, Open Close SaveAs Print and other Basic file function in word- 2003 and lower version
27. The Edit menu show Cut, copy paste Paste special Find replace etc to edit text function in word 2003 and lower version
28. The type of PROM that can be erased electrically is called EPROM
29. A group of 4 bits known as Word
30. Restarting a computer is called hot booting
31.NTFS is an example of file system of CD
32. Mainframe computer is suitable for single user mode operation. can write on worm disk.
34. There is different number of sectors on different tracks.
35. DRAM is known as virtual memory.
36. Home tab is dividing into 5 separate sections.
37.Ctrl+= is shortcut of super script.
38. Green wavy line indicates spelling mistakes.
39. A table in word can have 70 columns.
40. JPG is an example of clip art images.
41. Header visible only first page of word document.
42. Untitled 1 is default name of unsaved word file name.
43. Panel which appears top of any window known as tool bar.
44. Page background color can be print on paper.
45.  A small descriptive information about something can be add at the end of word document is footnote.
46.  Total 8 steps are used to perform mail merge.
47.  6 different types of views are used into word.
48.  Header is not mandatory to jump word document using document maps.
49.  You can spilt word document into two equal part.

50. font dialog can be open using cntl+d. 

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