Friday, 5 April 2013

Photo Shop Tutorial

Hi there....
I love photoshop because its provide wing to my imagination. I am taking lots of advantage of powerful tools of photoshop.You can enhance quality of your designing using this tutorial . I do not have any specific degree about photoshop I just make this tutorial which help you to make some type innovative graphics.Now Get start.....
Text Effect
Photoshop provide separate tool for text which create a separate layer when you write text.

Text Effect with hole
Develop By Raj Kumar
  • Type your text
  • Add a layer up side of text layer
  • Click on text layer and newly added layer border with alt key. It’ll merge text and normal layer. Now you can use brush tool for color (Because brush tool can not be apply directly on text layer)
  • Apply shadow  and other effect using Layer style by double click on text layer
  • Apply mask on text layer
  • Choose brush make high percentage of hardness and opacity
  • Move brush on text 

Text Effect without merging layer

  • Type your text Using Text Tool
  • Layer>Rasterize>type (It’ll Change Text Layer into Normal Layer)
  • To Apply color with brush tool make layer lock otherwise color will apply on layer instead
    of text
  • Add Mask and use brush with high hardness
  • For make more brush effect use brush preset by pressing F5

Text Effect on Image

  • Add an image
  • Select text tool with horizontal option
  • Type text it’ll create a path copy it and paste with out move the path
  • When you will paste it creates a new layer
  • Now you are free to  use style using Layer style and can use drop shadow and many more
    as your requirement  

Selection Effect on an Image

  • Make a selection with elliptical marquee tool
  • Provide high feather 30-40 it’ll make it more effective
  • Now click in quick mask edit tool it will fill the color inside the selection if not then double click and choose selected area, color and opacity.
  • Add some effect on selection using filter. I am using here (Filter>Pixelate>Color Halftone) Adjust things
  • Click edit in standard mode. It’ll show the actual selection.
  • Now the this selection using (Select>Save Selection>Provide Selection name >ok)
  • Open an image using (File >Open)
  • Select all and paste this image in your previous document where you have made your selection
  • Now load the selection which you have save (Select>Load Selection>Selection your selection)
  • Now copy or cut
  • Open new document and paste


Canvas is use to add additional space in a document. it does not effect the image size and provide us option to add additional at any direction without altering the contents of the document

Reveal All

Use to adjust canvas according to the content which we use when we paste any other document. Open two image and copy one image entirely and paste it in other document which already has an image maintain the size using cntl + t and place this newly image outside of border the document
Image>Reveal All

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