Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Modes of channel operation

Mode of channel operation define accessing mode of the medium for send and receive data. Types and examples of different types of modes are follows


Data in simplex channel is always moves in one direction. Simplex is suitable for many kind of application where reply is necessary because it is not possible to send back error or control signals to the transmit end.

Example :


Half Duplex

A Half duplex channel can send and receive data but not the same time. When data is being send receiving is not possible. It is like single railway line where train comes and dispatches both not the same time. In addition, it is possible to perform error detection and request the sender to retransmit information that arrived corrupted. Internet surfing is also an example of half duplex A user request any resource to server by sending request and server reply by send resource to user back  but both task cannot be perform simultaneously.


Walky –Talky

Full – duplex

Data can send and received simultaneously. It’s like two ways highway where cars can travels both directions on same time.

Example : 

Mobile Phone, Packet switch network

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