Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bitwise operator

Logical Operators

Logical operators are used to make a decision on behalf of some criteria. We evaluate given criteria in terms of (and,or,not). Decision making process changed with given terms. If AND  is used there then all given criteria must be true to become result true and in case of OR , condition become true if any given criteria return true. Not reverse result True to false and vice versa.

Bitwise operator

 All data in a computer is represented in binary numbers. So unlike we people who have digits from 0 to 9, computer has only 0 and 1. C language has a few numbers of bitwise operators which help to manage data at bit level.

Logical Operator
Bitwise Operator
Logical operators mainly used for condition checking
Bitwise operators are used for manipulation
Return result as true or false in the form of number.

·         positive number or 1 indicate true
·         Negative number or 0 indicate false

Returns a number based on bit calculations

Logical operator work on whole numbers
Bitwise operators works on bits instead of whole number
Example :!,||,&&
Example :  <,<<,& etc

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