Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Image Slide Show Using HTML

This is a presentation of a image slide show.This blog will help
you to make a moveable slide show right to left
This is a flat HTML coding.
This is achieve by marquee tag.Marquee tag has capacity to move any type of object inside it.I used marquee for make this slide show.


  • I saved my HTML file and all image in a folder so used relative path
  • if your image isn't in current folder then you need to provide full path of that image.....

Here is HTML code just paste it in notepad and save with htm or html extension.....

        <title>Image demo</title>
            <td style="height:200;width:200;border:outset 3px blue">
                           <img src=a.jpg height=200px width=200px />
                           <img src=b.jpg height=200px width=200px />
                           <img src=c.jpg height=200px width=200px />