C Language Array Programming

C Language Array Programming  Question

One Dimension Practical model question paper

Q 9.Write a program to spilt an array into two equal parts ?

Q 10. Write a program to input Fibonacci into array?

Q 11.Write a program to find out prime number between given range and saved these number into array. Range should be up-to 1 to 10000 ?

Q 12.Write a program to input 10 numbers and print each element with multiply by its equivalent index position?

Q 14.Write a program search a number in array ?

Q 15.Write a program to print an array value skip by one index?

Q 17. Write a program to input ASCII value and print its equivalent character.Using 7 bit ASCII/

Q 18.  Write a function which accepts an array of size n containing integer values and returns average
of all values. Call the function from main program.

2D Array Questions

One Dimension Character Array  Programs

1. Write a program to count Vowels and consonant?

2. Write a program to count no. of word in an array?

3. Write a program to convert lower case character into upper case

4. Write a program to print only consecutive appeared character

5. Write a program to implement concatenation?

6.  Write a program to implement substring function type functionality

7. Write a program to input small letter if capital letter is there ignore that

8. Write a program accept any case input and convert it small case

9. Write a program input character only and display error message on any other input?

10. Write a program to search a substring and print its index

11. Write a program to search a word and reverse that

12. Write a program implement encryption i.e. change each character to two character forward. i.e.   A-> C,B->E

13. Write a program to implement following format
              G                                              GIRFA
              GI                                             GIRF
              GIR                                          GIR
              GIRF                                        GI
              GIRFA                                     G

14. Write a program to implement abbreviation i.e.
Input : Ashok Kumar Yadav
Output : A.K. Yadav

15. Write a program to implement find and replace all functionality

16. Write a program to check whether a string is palindrome or  not

17. Write a program reverse a string

18. Write a program to reverse each word into array

19. Write a program to input string password. i.e.(A Small and Capital character , A number and a special symbol)

20. Write a program to check validity of an email address. (an email can have only one @ symbol after that . is required and no space is allowed)

21. Write a program count frequency of each character individually.
22. Write a program to convert number to word?
   i.e.    123
            One Hundred Three Only

23. Write a program to calculate number of vowels (a,e,i,o,u) separately in an entered string.

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