Friday, 4 May 2018

Structure Programming

Structure programming is a programming approach in which all the programming task is achieved through function/Methods that is sometimes it’s called modular programming. Structure programming uses procedure approach to solve a program using top down methodology. 

One big advantage of structure programming language is simplicity because we have to design programming task in modules which are connected to each other and can be called from any functions. We have all the modern powerful programming stuff like loop, switch-case, if-else etc that help to reduce the uses of goto statement because goto statement makes our program unstructured due to random move to any other statements.

Structure programming language is easy to learn and can modify easily. Some of disadvantage which stays with structure programming Some procedure oriented language promotes to use goto statement which makes our program unstructured.

Security hole is always there because there is not any type of restriction to call a method/function.
When we deal with a huge software written in procedure language then there may be program arise for update program. Procedure approach prone to generate large number of lines.
Difficult to maintain when program size is bigger.

Example : Cobol,Basic,Fortran,C