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Internet & Web design Sample paper set 2

Internet & Web Design

Time: 1 hour                                                                                           Name: ______________

Note: All question of part-1 is mandatory and each question is carrying one marks. 2 questions are compulsory out of 4 from part-2.

(Part one)
Multiple Choices

1.  Effectiveness of data communication is depend on
a)      Delivery   b) Accuracy   c)Timeliness   d)All

2. Which of the following is not considered as network performance criteria?
a) Performance    b) Reliability   c)Security   d) Brand

3. Application of data communication is
a) Marketing & Sales   b)Manufacturing c) EDI  d) All

4. Sponsored an important standard for local area network called project 802.
a) IEEE    b) ITU-T     c) ANSI    d) ISO

Known as the inventor of the World Wide Web
a) Tim Berners-Lee  b) Bill gates  c) Larry d) None


1. Line configuration defines the attachment of communication devices to a link.
2.  Physical and logical arrangement of devices with a network is node.
3. Mandatory condition of ring topology is , Each device of network should connect its neighbors
4. Data send and received at the same time using half duplex.
5. MAN is smaller than WAN,Bigger than LAN and CAM.

Match the columns

1. Service point addressing
a. Application Layer
b. Network Layer
3. Physical Addressing
c.  Presentation Layer
4. Logical Addressing
d. Data Link Layer
e. Encryption

f. Bus Topology

g.Transport Layer

Fill in the blanks

a. Wave length
b. Multiplexing
c. Optical Fibre
d. Twisted Pair
e. Bus
f. Star
g. Demultiplexing
h. Application Layer
i. Amplitude
J. Presentation Layer
k. Frequency

1. Highest point of analog signal known as …......

2. Combine more than one signal into one signal is knows as …………..

3. Graded index of transmission is used in ……..

4.  If link goes down then all networks stop working in …………. Topology.

5. Data Compression is perform at ……… layer.

( Part Two )

Each question carries 15 Marks. Attempt only Two question.

1. Draw OSI Layer Diagram.

2. What do you understand by segmentation and reassembling explain in your word.

3. Write brief notes on 3 of the following
  •          Flow Control
  •          Dialog control
  •          Tree topology
  •          Calculation of number of wires in mesh topology
  •          Multiplexing

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