Thursday, 31 August 2017

Computer Fundamental MCQ CCC

CCC Fundamental MCQ/True-False Question with Answer

Multiple Choice

1. How many types of memory used in computer?
A) 1
B)  2
C) 3
D) 4

2.  Which Type of memory got outdated?


3. Printer which print by hit on paper?
A) Impact
B) Non-Impact
C) Both
D) None

4. Smallest and Fastest memory in computer?
A) RAM  
C) Hard Disk
D) cache

5. Which type of printer is used Banner printing of shops?
A) Plotter  
B) Laser  
C) Dasy wheel  

6. Device which working based on physical movement?
A) Analog
B) Digital
C) Sem Digital
D)Semi Analog

7. Super computer made by INDIA?
D) None

8. In which computer generation Microprocessor was used?
A) First  
B) Second
C) Third
D) Fourth

9. Which unit of CPU performing navigation role?
B) CU  
C) Input Unit  
D) Memory Unit

10. Name of Single User Single Task OS
A) Window 7
B) Unix
D) Linux

11. which of the following is not an example of Multiuser Software?
B) Linux  
C) Window NT
D) None

12.  Full form of LED?
A) Light-emitting diode
B) Light-emitding diode
C) Light-emitting  Data  
D) None

13. A Character printer is categorized as …. ..?
A) Impact    
B) Non-Impact  
C) Laser
D) Ink-Jet

14. Which of the following device can be used as text to sound converter?
A) Microphone    
B) MICR        
C)speech synthesizer
D) None

15. An input device which is design for used mostly in video games?
A) Keyboard  
B) Mouse
C) Joy Stick
D) Touch Screen

16. Which one of the following device will help you to change printed text into digital text?
B) OMR  
C) ORC  

17. A hardware used in banks for process huge amount of checks?
B) OCR  
D) None

18.  Which option of control panel enables you to uninstall a program form your computer?
A) Programs and Features  
B) Add one
C) Program Management
D) None

19. Which type of user can shut down computer?
A) Standard        
B) Administrator      
C) Both A & B    
D) Only Administrator.

20. Full form of ASCII ?
A) American Standard Code for change Information
B) American Stand Code for Information Interchange
C) American Standard Code for Information Change
D) None

21. What type of content of a shortcut icon hold?
A) Address of a file  
B) Content of actual file
C) Both Address and Content Hold
D) None

22. Shortcut to minimize all windows and show desktop?
A) Window + D
B) Window + E
C) Window + F
D) Window + N

23. Which symbol in computer is use for identify a program or file?
A) Icon  
B)My computer
C) Task Bar
D) None

24. which of the following is type of memory which stores data in the form of track and sector?

 D) All of the above

25. Which category of ROM fully read write by electronically?
D) None


1) Cache memory is made by SRAM
2) Registers are small memory which is part of CPU.
3) Central Process Universal is full form of CPU.
4) Logical unit of ALU perform arithmetic operation.
5) Standard user can change date time of system.
6) MS-Dos is an example of system software.
7) Dot-matrix, Dessywheel, Inkjet and Laser are all types of Printer.
8) CRT is improved form of LCD Screen.
9) LINUX is open an example of open source software.
10) Drag with shift key to an icon creates a copy of that icon.
11) Projector only attached with Desktop computer.
12) Combination of analog and digital computer is known as hybrid computer.
13) IQ of computer is more than 0 but less than humans.
14) Browser is software which is used to access internet services.
15) ENIAC was first generation computer.
16) AI is not considering main improvement in fifth generation computer.
17) Cnrl + Alt + N is use to create a folder.
18) You can use any character to name a folder or file.
19) You can create a text file MS-PAINT.
20) Tiles option in desktop background enables you to stress image as the screen size.
21) We use screen saver for improve system speed.
22) You can use more than one printer with single computer.
23) Printing cost of impact printer is higher than non-impact printer.
24) Transistor was better hardware than vacuum tubes.
25) Charles Babbage is  known as Father of computer.

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