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January, 2012
1. There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE contains FOUR questions and
PART TWO contains FIVE questions.
2. PART ONE is to be answered in the TEAR-OFF ANSWER SHEET only, attached to the
question paper, as per the instructions contained therein. PART ONE is NOT to be
answered in the answer book.
3. Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR. Answer book for PART TWO will be
supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned. However,
candidates, who complete PART ONE earlier than one hour, can collect the answer book for
PART TWO immediately after handing over the answer sheet for PART ONE.
TOTAL TIME: 3 HOURS                                                          TOTAL MARKS: 100
(PART ONE – 40; PART TWO – 60)
(Answer all the questions)

1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most
appropriate one and enter in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question
paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

1.1 A light-sensitive device that converts drawings, printed text or images into digital form
A) mouse
B) scanner
C) keyboard
D) laser printer

1.2 The background screen and main area of Windows where you can open and manage files
and programs is known as
A) background
B) desktop
C) wall paper
D) none of the above

1.3 A Browser is
A) a special folder on the Windows desktop used to keep documents up to date when shared
between computers.
B) a line that delineates the edge of a program window.
C) a software program used for viewing Web pages on the Internet.
D) a window that is currently open.

1.4 An area of memory or disk that is assigned to store e-mail messages sent by other users
A) Post-email
B) Postbox
C) Emailbox
D) Mailbox

1.5 Airline reservation system is a typical example of
A) Batch processing
B) On-line processing
C) Real time processing
D) None of the above

1.6 Pie charts can be plotted on
A) multiple data series only
B) only two data series
C) only one data series
D) exactly eight data series

1.7 Using Microsoft Word's Find and Replace feature you can
A) replace both text and formatting.
B) replace text of a document only.
C) replace formatting only.
D) replace document's name with a new name.

1.8 References that change automatically when you copy them to a new cell are called
A) Relative references
B) Absolute references
C) Mixed references
D) None of the above

1.9 MIDI means
A) Multimedia Instrument Digital Information
B) Multimedia Instrument Digital Interface
C) Musical Instrument Digital Interface
D) Musical Information Digital Information

1.10 A table is a grid of rows and columns containing boxes of
A) text or graphics
B) only text
C) only graphics
D) none of the above

2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and
ENTER in the “tear-off” sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions
therein. (1x10)

2.1. Peripheral is an external device connected to the computer, such as input and output devices
and external storage devices.
2.2. A Modem cannot convert the digital pulses generated by computer equipment into analog
signals, which can be sent over voice-grade lines.
2.3. An icon on the desktop that represents a temporary holding place for files that are deleted is
called as Recycle Bin.
2.4. A series of specially designed documents, all linked together to be viewed on the Internet is
World Wide Web.
2.5. The tabs appearing below at the bottom on the worksheet carry the default labeling of
Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 etc. These tabs cannot be renamed.
2.6. The way to convert relative positioning to absolute positioning is to put a $ sign after each
element in the cell address that should not change.
2.7. The AutoSum button on the Standard toolbar automatically creates a formula to total rows
and columns or rows.
2.8. Excel prints gridlines by default.
2.9. In Microsoft Word - Ctrl+I will colour the selected text as Indigo and Ctrl+B will make it Blue.
2.10. You cannot hyperlink to a picture


3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/
word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “tear-off” answer sheet
attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

3.1 A temporary holding place for text, pictures or                    A. Extranet
3.2 A hidden error in a computer program                                 B. Superscript
3.3 In a word document, if you want a similar text to                C. Internet Explorer
appear at top and bottom of every page, you will set

3.4 A feature of Word by which you can print a large                D. Clipboard
number of documents with a similar matter
addressed to different recipients

3.5 A format that allows communication of musical data          E. Internet
between devices, such as computers and

3.6 An inter-company network designed to distribute               F. Bug
information, documents, files and databases.

3.7 A program to view Web documents on the Internet.          G. MIDI
3.8 X2 is an example of                                                            H. Header and Footer
3.9 A combination of multiple excel sheets is called as            I. HTML
3.10 It is an automatic placement of a word on the next           J. Subscript
                                                                                                   K. Mail Merge
                                                                                                   L. Word-wrap
                                                                                                   M. Workbook


4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the
list below. Enter your choice in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question
paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

A. Pixel                              B. Mouse                                  C. Newsgroup
D. Count                             E. Master                                 F. Landscape
G. Node                              H. Portrait                                I. AutoCorrect
J. Bookmark                       K. Format Painter                     L. Plug and Play
M. PivotTable

4.1 ________ is an Internet forum for discussions on a range of topics like articles, follow-up
messages related to a specific subject.
4.2 A ________ is an end point of a branch in a network.
4.3 You will use ________ to assign a name to a specific point in a document.
4.4 A file containing relatively permanent data is known as ________ file.
4.5 ________ is a set of hardware standards followed by computer manufacturers to allow for
better compatibility between computers and software.
4.6 A ________ is the smallest dot that can be represented on a screen or in a paint graphic.
4.7 Using ________ you can summarize data in a list.
4.8 Selecting ________ changes the page from tall to wide orientation.
4.9 ________ is a pointing device.
4.10 ________ will copy formatting from one place and apply it to another.


(Answer any FOUR questions)
a) Explain why one needs a database. Give three examples of popular database management
b) Convert decimal to binary number: 75, -50.
Convert binary to decimal number: 00010111, 00001111.
c) Define the following terms in context of a database:
i) Primary Key
ii) Foreign Key
iii) Database Form
iv) OLE object
v) Data Validation

a) Describe briefly the different views available to view an Excel workbook.
b) In Excel, when you are dealing with large volumes of numbers, representing data via charts
is advantageous. Support this statement with your viewpoint.
c) What is the output of following commands in LINUX?
i) $ ls -l
ii) $ ps
iii) $ cd
iv) $ pwd
v) $ kill all

a) Describe the Mail Merge operation in Microsoft Word. What is Mail Merge Helper? What are
the steps involved in its usage?
b) Define multimedia. How can multimedia be used in education?
c) When you attach a data source to a master document and insert merge field codes into the
master document, you can combine the master document with the data source. At this
moment Microsoft Word offers you with three choices. What are these choices and what can
you do with them?

a) Explain briefly “Intellectual Property Rights”.
b) What is a clipboard? In Word, what are the shortcut menu commands and how are they
invoked for using clipboard?
c) What is Referential Integrity? Explain cascading update and cascading delete with an

a) Draw a block diagram depicting the four functional units of a computer system.
b) Give the utility of presentation package. Name one such package. How can we create a
hyperlink and animation in a presentation?
c) Define RAM, ROM and Cache Memory.

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