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1. There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE contains FOUR questions
and PART TWO contains FIVE questions.
2. PART ONE is to be answered in the OMR ANSWER SHEET only, supplied with the
question paper, as per the instructions contained therein. PART ONE is NOT to be
answered in the answer book.
3. Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR. Answer book for PART TWO will
be supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned. However,
candidates, who complete PART ONE earlier than one hour, can collect the answer
book for PART TWO immediately after handing over the answer sheet for PART ONE.

TOTAL TIME: 3 HOURS                                                    TOTAL MARKS: 100
(PART ONE – 40; PART TWO – 60)
(Answer all the questions)
1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most appropriate one and enter in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question  paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

1.1 Which of the following is fastest memory?
A) Secondary Memory
B) Auxiliary Memory
C) Cache Memory
D) Virtual Memory

1.2 EEPROM stands for
A) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Of Memory
B) Erasable Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory
C) Easily Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
D) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

1.3 Which of the following translates a program written in high-level language into machine
A) Assembler
B) Compiler
C) Convertor
D) Translator

1.4 Which of the following belongs to Systems Software?
A) Word Processing Software
B) Web Browser
C) Operating System
D) Spreadsheet Software

1.5 Which of the following describes a relational database?
A) It provides a relationship between databases.
B) It consists of separate tables of related data.
C) It retrieves data related to its queries.
D) It provides a relationship between fields

1.6 Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in
A) Web layout view
B) Print Layout view
C) Reading View
D) Print Preview

1.7 Convert the Hexadecimal number 5A to Binary?
A) 01011001
B) 01001010
C) 01011010
D) 01000100

1.8 If you need a text to show vertically in a cell. How will you achieve this?
A) Choose Vertical on Text alignment in Format Cells dialog box
B) Choose 90 Degrees in Orientation of Format Cells dialog box
C) Choose Distributed from the Vertical drop down list of Format Cells dialog box
D) Choose Center across Selection from Horizontal combo box in Format Cells dialog box

1.9 IPR stands for
A) Intellectual Property Reserve
B) Intellectual Property Rights
C) Intelligent Property Rights
D) Intelligent Property Reserve

1.10 A transparent DBMS
A) hides sensitive information from users
B) keeps its logical structure hidden from users
C) keeps its physical structure hidden from users
D) provides physical map of underlying hardware to users

2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and ENTER in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

2.1 All data processing systems must provide for the input, processing, and output of data.
2.2 The principal advantage of database systems is the ability to share the same data
across multiple applications and systems.
2.3 Dot matrix printer uses optical technique to print.
2.4 An Application Software directly interacts with hardware.
2.5 Fields are the smallest unit of meaningful data to be stored in a database.
2.6 Control unit and Arithmetic logic unit is managed by Memory.
2.7 In Microsoft Word to increase row in a table, ENTER key is used
2.8 In an entity-relationship diagram, diamonds represent entities and boxes represent
2.9 Volatile memory is directly accessible by the CPU.
2.10 The list of instructions is called application.


3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

3.1 Volatile                                                  A. facility can automatically rectify
                                                                         common spelling  mistakes and often-used
                                                                         acronyms, etc.
3.2 Cache memory                                      B. Absolute Reference
3.3 Auto Correct                                         C. Combination of one or more files
3.4 SELECT is                                            D. is type of memory that a computer
                                                                         microprocessor can access more
                                                                         quickly than it can access regular RAM.
3.5 Templates and Add-Ins.. is                   E. Random Access Memory
3.6 The number of distinct pixels               F. a option of Word
in each dimension that can be
3.7 $A$1                                                      G. Scanned Signature
3.8 Digital Signature                                    H. Relative Reference
3.9 Nibble                                                     I. a SQL Command
3.10 A compressed File                               J. is a mathematical scheme for
                                                                         demonstrating the authenticity
                                                                         of a digital message or document
                                                                     K. Resolution
                                                                     L. External Memory
                                                                    M. Half a byte


4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. Enter your choice in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following  instructions therein. (1x10)

A. Record                                     B. Sorting                                      C. Fifth
D. Animation                               E. I/O Module                                F. Fourth
G. External                                  H. F12                                             I. Internal
J. F5                                             K. Modem                                       L. Text Effects
M. Hybrid

4.1 The external memory systems are accessible by the CPU through ________.
4.2 Magnetic Tapes are examples of ________memory.
4.3 A ________ is a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital
information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted
4.4 Save As dialog box is open by pressing ________ key.
4.5 Artificial Intelligence is associated with ________ generation.
4.6 The computer that includes the functionality of both analog and digital is called
________ computer.
4.7 ________ is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of
4.8 Data items grouped together for storage purpose is called a ________.
4.9 The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called ________.
4.10 Shimmer, Sparkle text, Blinking Background etc. are known as ________.


(Answer any FOUR questions)

5. Differentiate between (support your answer with examples)
a) System Software and Application Software?
b) Interpreter and Compiler
c) DDL and DML
d) Primary Key and Foreign Key
e) MICR and OCR

a) How Normal Template can be customised in Microsoft Word?
b) How do you create a table? Explain the purpose of split cell and merge cells in a table
with example.
c) Describe slide transition and animation features of PowerPoint. Why are these features
used in presentations?
d) Discuss cell protection, Relative and Absolute cell reference in Microsoft Excel.

a) Write the advantages of Linux over UNIX.
b) Convert the hexadecimal number D6FA into decimal number and octal number.
c) How the Disk Partitions organised?
d) Discuss the use of Web Cam in today’s scenario.

a) Discuss the use of Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint in office work.
b) Discuss the various functions of Operating System.
c) Discuss the use of Multimedia in School Education.

a) Define the concept of aggregation with suitable example.
b) How the Normalisation removes the redundancy in database
c) Consider the EMPLOYEE database as shown below:
Employee (person_id, person_name, street, city)
Works (person_id, company_id, salary)
Company (company_id, company_name, company_city)
Give expressions in SQL for each of the following queries:
i) Write the create statement for works table.
ii) Display names and salary of those employees who are getting salary greater
than Rs. 10,000.
iii) Find the names and cities of residence of all employees who work for “SBBJ
iv) Count the employees on the basis of similar salaries.

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