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Computer Fundamental MCQ answer

This is 50 question/answer set useful for BCA, MCA, O Level,CCC,PGDCA students 

Q 1 : Basic Application of computer
(D)All the above

Q 2 : Technology after IC
(D)All the above

Q 3 : Which require all operand must be true for true result
(A)Logical And
(B)Logical Or
(C)Logical Not
(D)Logical Equal

Q 4 : Which logical operater returns vice-versa 

Q 5 : Operating System Support CUI
(D)All the above

Q 6 : Single User Single Task Operating System

Q 7 : Which option is suitable for Government for provide their services to peoples(A)G2C

Q 8 : term 'Governance' bigger than

Q 9 : Normally We used internet by

Q 10 : Work Area of 'Governance'
(A)between Governments,
(B)between Government agencies
(C)3. between Government and Citizens
(D)All the above

Q 11 : Which technology enable you to use one application into another application(A)Embed

Q 12 : Combination of window + Left Key
(A)Resize the window half of screen
(B)Resize window half of screen and place it left hand side of window
(C)Both A and B
(D)None of the above

Q 13 : What if analysis is implemented by
(B)Conditional Formatting
(D)Page Break

Q 14 : What Type of Printer Uses a Drum?
(A)Laser Printer
(B)Inkjet Printer
(C)Both A and B
(D)Chracter Printer

Q 15 : USB stands for 
(A)Universal Serial Base
(B)Universal Series Bus
(C)Unique Serial Bus
(D)Universal Serial Bus

Q 16 : Application of WI-FI
(B)Connect Printer
(C)File Transfer
(D)All the above

Q 17 : Smallest memory unit which is part of CPU

Q 18 : In which group border reside in excel 07

Q 19 : Shortcut for filter

Q 20 : Cinditional formatting option is suitable for
(A)Formate on the behalf of some condition
(B)format on the behalf of a cell content
(C)format on the behalf of a fumula
(D)All the above

Q 21 : Which services has been removed from window 8 
(A)Desktopn Gadget
(B)Command Promt
(D)None of the above

Q 22 : what is the uses of Microsoft Outlook 
(A)Mail Program
(B)Desktop Publishing Tool
(C)Page Making
(D)Cover Page Design 

Q 23 : Which Tab group option help to remove duplicate row in excel 2007

Q 24 : For close document open in word program which you will choose 
(A)Office Button-Close
(B)Office Button - Exit Word
(C)Alt + f4
(D)Both A and C

Q 25 : You have to make your resume and you don’t know how make resume and you don’t have internet connection then which word option help you for make resume
(A)Insert - Cover Page
(D)Office Button-New-Installed Templates

Q 26 : For Clear Only formats not content in excel
(A)Home-Clear-Clear Formats
(B)View-Clear-Clear Formats
(C)Insert-Clear-Clear Formats
(D)Data-Clear-Clear Formats

Q 27 : Which windows control is suitable for taking food order in restaurants 
(A)Radio Button
(B)Check Box
(C)List Box

Q 28 : What is the Name of {
(A)Left Bracket
(B)Left Brace
(C)Left Middle Bracket
(D)Left Big Bracket

Q 29 : What is the function of f5 in notepad
(A)Date Time
(D)Find and replace

Q 30 : Which methods are useful for add purpose
(A)Bar Code
(B)QR Code
(D)Adds Code

Q 31 : what is bounce mail
(A)Undeliver Mail
(B)Spam Mail
(C)Drapt Mail
(D)BCC Mail

Q 32 : Inventer of Email
(A)tim berners-lee
(B)charles babbage
(C)V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai
(D)Blaise Pascal

Q 33 : Input device which help to produce examination result 
(D)Speech Synthesis 

Q 34 : Physical and mechanical specification is a task of ……… layer
(A)Application Layer
(B)Transport Layer
(C)Data Link
(D)Physical Layer

Q 35 : A dialog controller is known as ….. Layer ?
(A)Session  Layer
(B)Application Layer
(C)Transport Layer
(D)Data Link Layer

Q 36 : what is the class of
(A)Class A
(B)Class B
(C)Class C
(D)Class D

Q 37 : Translator which error report line by line which translating high level language 
(D)None of the above

Q 38 : ICT Stand for in the field of Electronic governance or e-governance
(A)Information Common technology
(B)Indian Communication Technology
(C)International Communication Technology
(D)None of the above

Q 39 : You have to input your sibling’s number for the purpose of any programming task, which data type you should opt

Q 40 : Which one is not a valid system icon

Q 41 : Which os provide source code for further modification as user’s requirement?(A)Linux
(B)Window 7

Q 42 : How can you open start menu from keyboard without using start button(A)Cntrl+Shift+S

Q 43 : Not a valid character for file names

Q 44 : Field of Multimedia is
(D)All the above

Q 45 : In which application frame by type terminology is has been used
(D)Onfo Path

Q 46 : A place where contents are saved temporary, when we copy or cut anything.
(A)Clip Board
(D)None of the above

Q 47 : Mode of channel in which data can be send and received but not simultaneously(A)Simplex
(B)Half Duplex
(C)Full Duplex
(D)None of the above

Q 48 : Window 7 provides a facility of making small notes that we made for remember something or any notification purpose in future reference.
(A)Sticy Notes
D)Alarm Clock

Q 49 : OS utility for enhance the system performance
(A)Disk Defragmenter 

(B)Disk Clean UP
(C)Both A and B

Q 50 : A program available in Microsoft OS which  helps to protect your computer from hacker and malicious software.
(A)Windows Firewall
(B)Anti Virus
(C)Windows Updates
(D)None of the above


1 d 11 d 21 a 31 a 41 a
2 d 12 c 22 a 32 c 42 b
3 a 13 a 23 d 33 b 43 d
4 a 14 c 24 d 34 d 44 d
5 d 15 d 25 d 35 a 45 b
6 d 16 d 26 a 36 a 46 a
7 a 17 c 27 b 37 a 47 b
8 b 18 d 28 b 38 d 48 a
9 a 19 a 29 a 39 a 49 c
10 d 20 d 30 b 40 d 50 a

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