Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Setup locale date time zone

SQL server saves date in local region format, for example if you’re in india and hosting your site with godaddy and choose Asia server then your date will be 12 hour forward compare to current region.

Sunday, 19 August 2018


Multiple Choice

1.1 : C
1.2 : A
1.3 : C
1.4 : B
1.5 : C
1.6 : C
1.7 : A
Explanation : Old 2D cel animation and stop-motion animation both fall under the category of traditional animation,  both may use digital methods of filming in the end. The matters is the method of producing the animation itself. Cel animation uses hand-drawing, hand-inking, and hand-painting thousands of frames on clear cels that are displayed against painted backgrounds and photographed in rapid sequence, on the other end stop-motion animation involves working with physical models and objects captured on camera one frame at a time.

This hands-on method requires a team of artists, cleanup artists, painters, directors, background artists, and camera crews, along with the storyboard artists and scriptwriters to work out the original concepts. For large-scale projects, the amount of time, labor, and equipment involved is staggering.

1.8 : B