Monday, 30 April 2018

While Loop with example

Q : Write and explain the action of WHILE statement. Develop a program in ‘C’ language to compute the average of every third integer number lying between 1 and 100. Include appropriate documentation.

Solution : 

Array Input using function

A, B and C are three 3x3 matrices containing real elements. Write a ‘C’ function to input from user appropriate values into matrices A and B. Use suitable loops. Make use of pointers if necessary.

Solution : 

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Program : 3x3 Array input using function
More Program :
#define MAX 3
void input(int [][MAX]);
void print(int [][MAX]);

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

HTML Sample Paper

Internet & Web Design (HTML)

Note : each Question carry one marks of part and only three question need to attempt in part two, each carry 10 marks . No negative marks penalty for wrong answer.
Name : __________________                                                                                                                   Time : 45  Minute

Part 1
Multiple Choice
1. ………. Is Self-close tag .
A) strong   B) pre   C)img   D) None
2. Each property of HTML tag is separated by
A) Double quote   B) Single quote   C) /   D)None
3.  Special character code in HTML start with ….
A) &    B)@     C)#    D)None
4.  tag doesn't usually appear in your document. But identify the page's author, keywords used for searching.
A) <head>    B) <title>   C) <meta>    D)<script>
5. Which of the following is odd one for a form.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Structure sorting,searching with array

Define a structure that describes a hotel. It should have members that include the name, address, grade, average room charge and number of rooms.

Write a function to perform the following tasks.

i) To print all hotels details of a given grade in order of charges.
ii) To print hotel details with room charges less than given values.

Solution :
     Program : Structure sorting,searching with array
     for more program visit :
#define MAX 10
typedef struct ht
     char name[30];
     char address[40];
     char grade;
     int room;
     int charge;
void input(hotel*,int);
void print(hotel *);
void printbyRate(hotel *,int,int);
void printByGrade(hotel *str,char,int s);
void main()
     int i,opt,rate;
     hotel rec[MAX];
     char ch;
     printf("How many record you want to insert>> ");