Sunday, 23 July 2017

Assignment VB6.0

Assignment VB6.0

Q1. What do you understand by object oriented programming? Explain the different
Feature of the object oriented programming and how it is better than procedure oriented
Programming compare?
 Q2. What do you understand by data base management system? Explain five approaches
For connecting database with example using appropriate code.

Q3. What is the goal of a report and how can you manage reporting in vb explain with
Example. Are you agreeing VB is an event base programming proves your answer?

vb6 assignment

Write the separate code for each button
1.      Drop down list saves the current roll number and update automatically when any
2.      record adds or delete.
3.      Total record should be show total no. of record.
4.      Update gridview value when table get changed.

Q5. Write brief note on following
a) Dynamic Link Library
b) Active X control
d) Package and deployment