Monday, 12 September 2016

NIELIT A Level Data Structure through C++ Assignment


Design a system for the Warehouse Inventory System and illustrate the solution with a Structure Chart that will take in customer orders, select the item from inventory, and
generate a packing slip and invoice.


a) Customer Order from the Sales Department.
b) Shipments of Finished Goods to be put in Inventory.

a) Plant Order for more Finished Goods.
b) Shipments of Finished Goods to the Customer.
c) Invoice and Packing Slip for items shipped to Customer.
d) Notice to Sales that items are Back Ordered.

The warehouse maintains the MASTER FILE that contains the quantities of all items in inventory. The warehouse ships all items ordered and send out invoices. If the order quantity is greater than quantity in inventory, nothing is shipped. The whole quantity is "back ordered." A Back Order notice is sent to the Sales Department and the customer by way of the Sales Department. Also a Plant Order for that item at the requested quantity is sent to the plant. No other tracking of back orders is done. If the order quantity is less than or equal to the quantity in inventory, then the items are shipped and the quantity in inventory is reduced for the items shipped. A check is then made to see if the amount left in inventory is below the minimum on-hand quantity controlled by the Sales Department. If so, the automatic reorder quantity that is dictated by the Sales Department is used to generate a Plant Order for that item so that the inventory can be replenished. The Customer Order
contains all necessary information: Items, Quantities, Customer -Information 
(Name, Billing-Address, and Shipping-Address).

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