Monday, 12 September 2016

NIELIT A Level Data Structure through C++ Assignment

Assignment 1

The City College has a large library consisting of books of different categories. Few are listed below:

A. Fiction           B. Biography           C. Economics            D. Mathematics
E. Sports             F. Management       G. Computers and Communication
H. Taxation         I. Law                     J. Travel

Students and teachers borrow the library books. The students can take at time two books on subjects related to studies and one book from general interest.The teachers can take at time three books on subjects related to studies and two books from general interest. The college decides to provide an online facility to inquire on the availability of books in the library. Entering any of the following
can search the books available in the library:

1. By Author index (Entering first two alphabets )
2. By title index (Entering first two alphabets of the title of the book)
3. By Subject index (Entering the name of the subject)

The database of the above application will be on the DBMS.
You are required to specify:
(a) The various files required to be specified and the layout and contents of the files.
(b) Design screen layouts for the above query. What are the checks and controls that you
would like to incorporate in the system to ensure that erroneous input gets tapped as
soon as it is typed.

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