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O Level
January, 2013

1. There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE contains FOUR questions and
PART TWO contains FIVE questions.
2. PART ONE is to be answered in the TEAR-OFF ANSWER SHEET only, attached to the
question paper, as per the instructions contained therein. PART ONE is NOT to be answered in the
answer book.
3. Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR. Answer book for PART TWO will be
supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned. However, candidates, who
complete PART ONE earlier than one hour, can collect the answer book for PART TWO
immediately after handing over the answer sheet for PART ONE.

(PART ONE – 40; PART TWO – 60)

(Answer all the questions)

1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most appropriate one and enter in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

1.1 SMPS means
A) System Management Power Supply
B) Synchronous Mode Power Supply
C) Switched Mode Power Supply
D) Sequential Mode Power Supply

1.2 The computer memory used for temporary storage of data and program is called
B) Sector

1.3 The term LPT is related to
A) Serial Port
B) Getronics Port
C) USB port
D) Parallel Port

1.4 The ‘taskbar’ in windows will
A) Show you all the programs you currently have open
B) Show you only the programs you used the last two times you were on the computer
C) Show you every program you've ever used on the computer
D) Show you only those programs you have installed on the computer

1.5 To be ‘Bootable’, a primary partition must be
A) Opened
B) Active
C) Shut
D) Closed

1.6 A USB bus is capable of supporting how many devices at one time?
A) 31
B) 63
C) 3
D) 127

1.7 The IPv4 address contains ________ bits.
A) 4
B) 32
C) 12
D) 8

1.8 What group on Windows NT workstation has the right to take ownership?
A) Users
B) Administrators
C) Print Operators
D) Account Operators

1.9 What does MMC stand for
A) Microsoft Management Console
B) Microsoft Mini Console
C) Microsoft Management Command
D) Microsoft Modem Console

1.10 The Internet Protocol generally corresponds to which OSI layer?
A) Network Layer
B) Transport Layer
C) Data Link Layer
D) Session Layer

2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and ENTER in the “tear-off” sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

2.1 CMOS memory is used to execute programs.
2.2 Windows XP operating system can be installed in any folder.
2.3 Attrib command allows a user to change properties of a specified file.
2.4 In Peer-to-Peer network, each computer runs both client and server software.
2.5 UTP cable has a single copper core.
2.6 UDP is connection-oriented protocol.
2.7 Terminal services provide multi-session environment.
2.8 Generally, TCP Port 80 is used for HTTP traffic.
2.9 FAT file systems can store bigger files compared to NTFS file system.
2.10 Firewire is faster than USB.

3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

                                      X                                                                       Y

3.1 MBR                                                                                         A. Fault tolerant disk
3.2 RTC                                                                                          B. Diode
3.3 RAID                                                                                        C. Twisted-pair cable
3.4 DIP                                                                                           D. Compression
3.5 LED                                                                                          E. Graphic Object
3.6 PKZIP                                                                                       F. Memory
3.7 RJ45                                                                                         G. Loader
3.8 SCSI                                                                                         H. remote login
3.9 icon                                                                                           I. Parallel I/O Interface
3.10 telnet                                                                                       J. Master Boot Record
                                                                                                        K. Switch
                                                                                                        L. Clock
                                                                                                       M. Repeater

4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. Enter your choice in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

A. NIC                                                     B. administrator                               C. Protocols
D. Fiber optic                                          E. Repeater                                       F. Formula
G. defragmentation                                 H. attrib                                             I. Application
J. format                                                  K. Physical                                        L. ring
M. dll

4.1 Every ________ comes with its own physical address
4.2 A user interface can be provided on the ________ OSI layer.
4.3 ________ user has full right on windows computer.
4.4 ________ extension stands for Dynamic Link Library file.
4.5 ________ type of cable has glass centre core.
4.6 ________ define a common method of communication between computers.
4.7 ________ makes the computer to access of files in hard disk faster.
4.8 ________ utility removes everything on a hard-disk partition.
4.9 ________ topology uses token passing.
4.10 ________ is used to regenerate network signal to extend distance.

(Answer any FOUR questions)

a) Write detailed steps to install motherboard.
b) Write about Uninterrupted Power Supply.

a) What is disk formatting? How to format a Floppy Disk from a DOS command shell?
b) What is the partitioning of Hard Disk Drive? What are the advantages of disk partitioning?
c) What are the symptoms of a Virus attack?

a) Explain Client-Server method of connecting network computers.
b) What is a LAN? What are the advantages of a LAN?
c) Explain the Bus topology and star topology.

a) Explain the main features of Windows NT Operating System.
b) Write a procedure to create a local administrator account ‘prtracker’ on Windows XP.

9. Write any three of the following:
a) How to join a windows client to a windows domain?
b) Differentiate between hub and switch.
c) Write a short note on DVD.
d) Write a short note on FDDI.

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