Sunday, 14 July 2013

Flash Tutorial

Hi Friends I love animation and always want to make it flash make my dream true.
You can make animation using flash very easily just take a look on following Lines and images
What do you think movies are really includes moving object? No!
Movies are a collection of changing images, which plays more than one picture at a time. Being a Human we’re not able to see that differences.

Flash used this basic for make animation you have to work on frame which includes different  types of image and run it more than one image at a time.

Face Moving Expression

Animation Items..
Face Movement      Changing Shape      You can select pencil tool using (Y) Key smooth option change drawing into curve otherwise it drying straighten mode which I don’t like to make drawing.

Following  is my image for animation. I have used paint bucket tool (K) Shortcut for fill color in eyes.

This is my image for animation. I have used paint bucket tool (K) Shortcut for fill color in eyes.

You can use Fill Gap Size which enables to fill the gap size shape by enabling “Close Large Gaps “

Now press F6 to insert new frame and enable Onion Skin Outlines

And Erase some part of image using Eraser tool or pressing ‘E’. Onion Skin Outlines shows previous erased line which makes us able to drawing new shape similar to previous one.

Erase content bubble denotes by white area you can fill color in erase area using Dropper tool (I) keyboard shortcut .Now you’re ready to change press f6 to apply new frame and make your change again and again…

Make sure That Key frame distance should by minimum (2) otherwise it will show all the drawing line that might create complexity to identified current line of drawing

Use can use static frame for stop animation to some moment select any frame with a gaping and press F5

Changing Shape Effect Animation

Using Flash you can change a shape size and can make morph effect.for change shape You nedd to change its mode  using f8 key then add frame using f6 then change shape..

I’m changing circle shape size so first create shape using Oval Tool (O) and select circle using Arrow Tool (O)

Select graphic from symbol using Arrow Tool (V)

 Now press f8 select Graphic from properties dialog box it’ll change circle into graphic which enable you to change shape size any rotate and many more..

Now you need to add a frame using F6 select a frame skipping some frame then press f6 this’ll add frame  range which we’ll used forward

Text Effect

Type your text using Text Tool(T).Change shape size according to you requirement, open character dialog box which includes text formatting tools

Now it’s time to break you text for apply effect on individual character .Select each character and make it symbol using F8 key otherwise we cannot change shape size properly. Add five layer because I use girfa which have 5 characters you add layer according to your text. You can change layer name by double click on layer title. Select one by one character and press Cntl + X (cut) then select a layer and paste

(If you’ll paste direct on a layer then it will disturb the alignment, Use Cntl+Shift+V for paste and maintain the alignment)

Select all frame using mouse and press F6 as showed in next image

Now select a character and change its size using scale tool

Change character size as you wish

Repeat these steps on all remaining character at the select frame then right click select create motion Tween which create a motion

Flying kite

You can create effect for moving an object according to the path as we used in motion path animation in power point..

Make your shape  Change this shape in graphics using F8,Add a long distance frame then right click on layer1 select Add Motion Guide
Now select Guide : Layer1 select first frame and draw your line using Pencil Tool (Y)

Now place kite starting of the line the press F6 on last frame and put kite end point of the line make sure about the kite alignment rotate kite using rotate tool

Right click on layer one frame line select Create Motion Tween. But It’ll move kite in straight direction for change alignment of kite you need to change its angle according to the created path right click on layer1 frame select panel then Frame set On Motion check Orient to path

Light Effect

Import an image using file import,  adjust image size as your document size, to  see the document size use (Cntl+ M) change its size as imported image size, to see image size right click on image select panel then info make x,y both 0 in info dialog box it will make image and document alignment same.

Click on image press f8 and make it graphic in symbol dialog box and decrease image brightness.

 Add a new layer click on previous layer timeline and drag it with alt key and drop newly added layer

Now lock and hide first layer and make brightness high of second layer.

 Add a new layer draw a circle on it  make it symbol using f8 change or move the shape at different position of timeline using f6. Apply create motion tween command for move the object at the end change this layer mask as show in image

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