Monday, 29 July 2013

How to Add SWF (Flash) File in Your Blogger

Hi folks

When I learned Flash i want to show it on my Blog but blogger  doesn't accept swf format. then
I find a solution form net.

  •   Upload your swf file online (On your domain) or any other free flash hosting site
  • Then copy the url
  • You need to go in html update mode 
  • Click on html as showed in picture place the following code and update

<object height="350px" width="400px">
<embed src="" height="400px" width="400px">

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Flash Tutorial

Hi Friends I love animation and always want to make it flash make my dream true.
You can make animation using flash very easily just take a look on following Lines and images
What do you think movies are really includes moving object? No!
Movies are a collection of changing images, which plays more than one picture at a time. Being a Human we’re not able to see that differences.

Flash used this basic for make animation you have to work on frame which includes different  types of image and run it more than one image at a time.

Face Moving Expression