Friday, 14 June 2013

Save Record on php server


I spend lot of time to achieve this. I Searched many website but didn’t find a proper way which help me to do this. Then I use php manual which help me to find my solution.
Mostly we use  mysql_connect("localhost","root","") this will work on client side where you develop your application. You just have to change the format of  mysql_connect()  function and rest of the thing will be same as you used to on your client.
Girfa is your user name and 12345 is password of your website. Which you got when launch your website.


<title>Girfa Saving Record on PHP Server</title>
    function demo()
        $con=mysql_connect("localhost","girfa","12345") or die("Could not open the database ");
        $quary="insert into stu values('$roll','$nm','$ct')" or die("error in making sql");
        mysql_query($quary,$con) or die("unable to run sql quary");     

<form name="form1" method="get" action="<?php $_PHP_SELF ?>">
     Roll :  <input type="text" name="roll" /><br />
    Name : <input type="text" name="name" /><br />
    City : <input type="text" name="city" /><br />
   <input type="submit" value="save" name="name1" />