Monday, 30 July 2012

How to get input in character type array in java

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There are many way to get input in java. Java works on two type of stream 1. Character Stream 2. Byte Stream
Java treats Char data type different form c and c++. In C/C++ char data type hold 7 bit ASCII Character which is 0 to 127 characters but java char data type works on Unicode.
  • takes one character from user and return correspondence int value
  • for hold it we have to type cast in char
  • stop when user press enter its take it '\n'
class CharInput
           public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
                  char ar[]=new char[5];
                  int i;
            static char getChar() throws Exception
                   char ch=(char);
                   return ch;
             static void pressEnter() throws Exception
  • As we know stop input when it encounter newline
  • i have make getChar function which is taking input from user and sure newline using pressEnter function
  • pressEnter is use to ensure newline character using while loop
  • loop stop when user press enter otherwise it looking in stream for new line