Monday, 5 October 2020

Form post ASP.Net | C# | MVC


HTTP is a protocol that is used to provide a communication interface between server and client. HTTP sends data to the server and retrieved response to the client(Browser). HTTP has many methods for client/server communication.

HTTP GET and HTTP Post is the most common method used by HTTP. 

  • HTTP Get the return response from the server to  client.
  • HTTP Post send data client (Browser to the server) .
I am going to explain to you that how can you save data of a form using form post methods. I was a PHP developer when used the MVC C# form then I had to use ajax for data submission to the server which was very time taking and prone to error.

ASP.Net MVC C# has a built-in model attached view for form data submission and validation, which is good but not good as for users who are using simple posts form the method. So I will show you different ways to send data to the server using form method post like PHP.

Demo Table Name (Student)



Data Type










Store Procedure

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Column to row transform in SQL Server

 Q :  In an organization,  staff tasks had been assigned through CRM and task status (New, Complete, Pending) submitted to CRM back. Now Admin want to see the every staff task status New, Compare and pending order with staff name

Table Structure

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Get Date dd/mm/yy format using format string C# | ASP.Net

ASP.Net has reach variety of date processing techniques . If yoo want to date as in dd-mm-yy format then you can use format string which help you to set your date output as you want. Using format string increase your ourput by just a line of code.

DateTime dt = DateTime.Now;

string format = "ddmmyy";

string postfix = dt.ToString(format);    

Output : 110920        


You can use different versions of format string as per your requirement . 

string format = "dd-mm-yy";
Output : 09-11-20

string format = "DDD mm yy";
Output : Wed 09 20

Format string pattern

M display one-digit month number d display one-digit day of the month h display one-digit hour on 12-hour scale mm display two-digit minutes yy display two-digit year

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Bind dynamic layout on a single view using C# | ASP.Net


ASP.Net MVC is a popular platform to design dynamic website and CRM etc. One I was stuck in a situation when I want to use a common view to different privileged users. So I had to bind multiple layouts on a single view as per the related users menu or sidebar. This post will help you to bind dynamic layouts on a single view.

  public ActionResult Task()


File Resizing C# | ASP.NET | MVC


You can resize your image as per your requirement by using WebImage Class which implemented in System.Helpers namespace and resizing is done by Resize and save method.


        public JsonResult UploadCommonImage(string fnm, string pth,string w,string h)